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How to use a noodle

how to use a noodle

A noodle (sometimes called a woggle) is a long, sausage-shaped foam float and is a really versatile piece of swimming kit. Discover how to use one here…

A noodle can be used in place of armbands (which is especially useful for adult learners for whom wearing armbands might be too embarrassing), or as a proprioceptive tool for specific swim drills. You can get creative with noodles to make motivational games, and it can be a useful piece of equipment to have around the pool for rescue purposes.

You can hold a noodle under your arms, either across the chest or around the back when swimming breaststroke or kicking on the back. This position is also useful when learning how to tread water.

You can hold the noodle in your hands, resting your elbows on it, for a stable, reassuring support when kicking, or you can hold it with a narrow grip, which gives you a bit of confidence, but allows you to focus on a streamlined body position.

You can tie a noodle in a knot to look like the handles of a motorbike, which makes for a fun game for children, or you can sit astride a noodle and play “horse racing”. Sitting astride a noodle helps to develop balance.

Watch our video demo of some of the most common ways to use a noodle float:

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