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Tips from real swimmers: how to build up your front crawl distance

How do you build up your ability to swim further on front crawl? Swimmer Jess gives us her favourite tip…

When I trained for a corporate triathlon challenge, I had to build up my ability to swim 750m front crawl in open water. I found front crawl very tiring and I could only swim a short distance at first, but I knew that I could easily swim further with breaststroke, which I find much more relaxing.

So instead of swimming front crawl for a bit then stopping to rest, I would switch to breaststroke until I recovered, then continue swimming front crawl. I did the race distance continuously every training session, using a combination of front crawl and breaststroke. Over time, I realised I was swimming further in each front crawl bit and needed to do less breaststroke to recover. Eventually, I was able to do the whole thing on front crawl.

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Thanks to Jess for sending us her tip and photo.
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