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Oshun Swim is an independent swimming book publisher

Turn your book idea into reality:

As an independent book publisher focused on all things swimming, we would love to hear from swimmers with a story to tell. Our in-house facilities can print small numbers of picture books and storybooks, whilst our suppliers can handle larger-scale production runs. Our approach to swimming is that everyone learns in their own way, so inspire others with your own unique experiences!

Inspire other swimmers and contribute to our online content:

The wonderful thing about swimming is that there are so many ways to go about it, and so many things you can do with those skills. We want you to share your stories and inspire other swimmers.

If you are…

  • …a swimming teacher, get in touch to share a favourite tip or insider knowledge on a stroke or skill. It’s a great opportunity to promote your business too!
  • …a parent, you can share experiences, favourite games and ideas. It helps other parents to realise we all experience similar difficulties when trying to teach our little ones!
  • …a swimmer, you can share your learning journey. At Oshun Swim we recognise that finally managing to get your feet off the floor is just as important an achievement as swimming the Channel, so we want to hear from you no matter how far you’ve come. Share the tips that helped you get going and share the problems you managed to overcome. Share the joys and adventures of using the skills you’ve acquired and inspire other swimmers too!
  • …a watersports instructor or participant, inspire others with ideas of how you can use swimming skills. It’s a great opportunity to promote a business or get more people involved in your sport!

We welcome contributions to our articles, videos, books and online course content. CONTACT US and get your story heard!



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