Ring size chart

The best way to measure up for a ring is to visit a jewellers where they have ring sizing gauges, but if you can’t visit a jewellers, you can do a simple measurement at home.

To find your ring size, measure across the middle knuckle of the finger you intend to wear it on (or the top knuckle if you want a mid-finger ring).

measuring a finger for a ring

Use a transparent ruler if you have one and hold it over your finger. Ensure your finger is not pressing down on a table as the skin will push out to the sides, giving you an inaccurate measurement.

Alternatively, if you have another ring that fits the same finger, measure the diameter of the ring from the inside edges.

measuring an existing ring

For your information, here is a conversion chart for ring sizing:

A ~ 12.5mm
B ~ 13.0mm
C ~ 13.5mm
D ~ 14.0mm
E ~ 14.5mm
F ~ 14.75mm
G ~ 15.0mm
H ~ 15.5mm
I ~ 16.0mm
J ~ 16.25mm
K ~ 16.75mm
L ~ 17.0mm
M ~ 17.25mm
N ~ 17.75mm
O ~ 18.0mm
P ~ 18.5mm
Q ~ 19.0mm
R ~ 19.25mm
S ~ 19.75mm
T ~ 20.0mm
U ~ 20.5mm
V ~ 20.75mm
W ~ 21.25mm
X ~ 21.75mm
Y ~ 22.0mm
Z ~ 22.25mm

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