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Learn to swim with our children’s books

Time in the water is precious and limited. Children’s books provide an enjoyable, relaxing and stress-free opportunity to learn swim skills and concepts in a quiet, calm environment. Picking up a book, you can discover more about swimming any time and anywhere, at your own pace. It’s an extra lesson any time you like!

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Learn to swim with our children’s books for babies and toddlers:

PICTURE BOOKS aimed at under 5’s introduce some of the main activities they might be expected to learn in a fun, friendly way, designed to inspire an interest in swimming. Rhyming stories help children to remember important safety rules and the consequences of breaking them, whilst other books use association and action to practice difficult skills such as bubble-blowing.

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Learn to swim with our children’s books for the over 5’s:

LILY & MIA is a series of stories aimed at children over the age of 5. Each of the 22 books in our series incorporates a key stroke or skill such as Front Crawl or Treading Water into a fun narrative as Lily, her family and friends learn how to swim. Other books feature relevant issues such as fear, safety, hygiene and coping with different teachers. They are ideal bedtime stories to read together, or for older children to read by themselves.

THE INCREDIBLE JOURNALS OF REEF take a more factual approach to explaining key concepts. Using association, technical drawings and short anecdotes, Reef’s scrapbook-style journals are aimed at children over the age of 5 who prefer shorter books with a faster pace. Ideal for reading and discussing together, or for older children to read by themselves. Each book features one key concept appropriate to the level expected of that age group and are useful to refer back to when learning that skill in the pool.

Join our storytime sessions!

Join one of our live storytime sessions with an interactive story and a chance to ask questions all about learning to swim!

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Enjoying our books? Complement your child’s learning with videos from our YouTube channel:

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