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How to use a float

how to use a float

Rectangular swimming floats are versatile training aids…not just for little kids!

Holding a float on the outside edges is relatively stable, which means you can hold a float in this way for confidence when practicing your kicks.

Holding a float in the middle (either at the near end of the float or the far end with your arms laid over the top of the float) helps you to bring your arms to a tight, streamlined position. This can be done when kicking on your front or on your back.

Holding a float high above you when kicking on your back makes you work harder because the weight of your arms out of the water pushes you down. You can only stay close to the surface if you kick hard! It’s a good training drill for backstroke.

Holding a float perpendicular to the waterline and submerging it creates resistance. It’s like pushing a wall of water and is a great way to strengthen a front crawl or breaststroke kick.

Watch our video on different ways to use a float, to see these activities in action:

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