How to swim with videos from our YouTube channel

If you are learning how to swim or improving your skills, our YouTube channel is continually expanding. We cover the very basics from putting on a hat and goggles to advanced techniques and tips for refining your stroke. Understand a skill and improve your technique with our videos containing simple instructions and clear images both above and below the water surface. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more!

Introduce kids to the basic concepts:

Our range of videos are designed to help children understand the basic strokes and skills. Ideal for children who are new to swimming, this series covers an introduction to the basic stroke shapes, listening & paying attention, what to wear & what to bring to the pool. Designed to reassure more cautious swimmers, these videos are gently paced with repetition and basic sign language to give kids plenty of time to practice their skills. Our series is interactive, giving your children the chance to practice their skills at home and develop muscle memory for the essential skills. Join in with Oshun Swim!

kids series youtube channel how to swim


How to: Swim Strokes

With underwater slow-motion videos you can take the time to understand each of the main swimming strokes. We highlight the essential parts to help optimise your swimming lessons or give you the knowledge to practice in between. Rewind and pause videos to really understand they key elements.

free online swimming lessons for teenagers and adults swimming strokes


How to: Swim Basics

Going to the pool for the first time can be daunting. Being embarrassed about getting things wrong can be off-putting. We cover the basics from putting on your hat and goggles to getting in and out of the pool safely. Feel confident at your first lesson!
online swimming lessons basic swim skills for teenagers and adults

How to: Swim Skills

From somersaults to swimming underwater, there are so many skills you can learn. Our slow-motion videos help you to see exactly what is going on and how to perform these skills. We point out a few essential tips for making it work.

free online swimming lessons for teenagers and adults swim skills



Advanced Swimming Techniques:

Optimise your swimming with options for adapting, improving or modifying a stroke or skill to swim faster, more efficiently or more comfortably. Learn about some of the more specialised skills too.

advanced swimming techniques

Online Learning Courses

If our How to Swim YouTube videos have inspired you, then why not take a look at our free online learning courses? We have separate courses for babies, under 4’s, older kids and beginner adults to learn each skill in more depth.

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