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How to blow bubbles in the swimming pool

how to blow bubbles in the swimming pool

Blowing bubbles isn’t just fun for kids. It’s how you breathe when you’re in the swimming pool. It can be an unusual sensation for many people and may not be as simple as it looks at first.

Blowing bubbles shouldn’t feel like hard work, after all getting into a comfortable breathing rhythm is what makes swimming a long distance feel easy. The most comfortable way to blow bubbles is to form your mouth into a medium-sized round shape (like you’re saying the word “oh”). Exhale fully in a relaxed way. It’s not about forcing the air out hard, it’s more of a sigh but with a round mouth-shape. Some people like to blow bubbles out of their nose, which helps to stop water flowing up the nose, but usually, swimmers breathe out of their mouths.

When inhaling, you should make sure you are clear of the water either by lifting your head or turning to the side (depending on what stroke you are swimming) and breathe gently in through the mouth. You should not gasp the air in because any water that enters the mouth by mistake will go straight to the back of the throat, making you cough. Inhale gently through the mouth and any water that does come in can be spat back out into the pool as you blow bubbles.

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