At Oshun Swim, we value the importance of clean waters and preserving our environment and as a responsible business, we take the following steps to contribute to a healthy planet:

Our books are made in Britain:

Most publishers get their books printed in China to maximise profit. Oshun Swim’s storybooks for children are printed in Milton Keynes, just an hour away from our office, reducing the miles our products need to travel. We print and bind our own children’s picture books, with paper stock sourced from our home town of Watford. We don’t add extra layers of plastic laminate to our picture book covers either.

Recycling waste locally:

Like most businesses, we generate paper waste and as we print and bind our own picture books, we have offcuts and occasional books that get damaged in the manufacturing process. Rather than dump this paper waste, we donate it to a local paper mill charity that turns our paper waste into artisan products. Sale of these products raises funds to preserve the machinery and craftsmanship that is important to our neighbouring town’s paper-making heritage.

Recycling waste responsibly:

We arrange to return our print material waste back to the suppliers in order to responsibly dispose of hazardous chemicals and retrieve useable materials from cartridge casings. We return ink cartridges, fuser units, toners, and drums to Xerox, Canon and Epson via their official recycling programmes.

Waste less:

Occasionally, our books develop small defects in the manufacturing process. These defects might be a slight squashing or small tear in a corner of the book, but they are otherwise perfectly useable books. As many of our customers share our concern for the environment, we offer these defective books for sale at a reduced price, so if you don’t mind a slightly imperfect book, you can grab a bargain with the warm fuzzy feeling of helping to reduce unnecessary waste.

We regularly audit our supply chain and look for ways to reduce waste. We request digital documents where possible to reduce paper waste and postage miles.

Choice of materials:

When developing new products, we aim to balance the needs of the product with environmental considerations. This is often a difficult choice where products may be used in a water-based environment. For example, our personalised badges and bag tags may incorporate plastic elements and we expect these items to be kept and cherished for many years, but if they are to be disposed of, each badge or tag can be dismantled into its component parts and each element can be recycled with council-removed household waste.

Getting involved:

We support environmental initiatives. Whether it’s highlighting the good work of others on our social media or getting involved ourselves, we aim to do our bit to improve the environment we live in.

Cleaning up litter on the Grand Union Canal via paddleboard


Our books actively encourage children to be considerate of the environment and inspire children to be mindful of pollution and engage with clean-up campaigns.


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