Swim Skills for the Under 4’s

mother and child having fun in the pool

Do you want to take your child swimming but aren’t sure what to do at the pool?
Does your child already have swimming lessons but you don’t know how to help them progress?

This free online course gives you the theory behind the practice, it’s like having extra free swimming lessons any time you like!

Whether you do it yourself or leave it up to a professional instructor, these lessons will optimise your understanding of the basic swim skills for children aged 1 to 4.


This online course does not intend to teach you how to become a swimming instructor or guarantee your safety if you choose to take your own child swimming. It is essential that you assess your own competence and the risks involved with any water-based activity you choose to practise. If you are unsure of any activities described within this course or do not feel competent or safe to take your own child swimming, we recommend sourcing professional assistance from a qualified swimming instructor. Some skills may not be appropriate for swimmers with certain medical conditions. Ask a GP for advice if you are unsure.