Swimming for Beginner Adults

This online course is aimed at teenagers and adults who have little or no experience of swimming. Giving you the theory behind the practice, it’s like having extra free swimming lessons any time you like!

If you find swimming lessons intimidating or embarrassing, or you are afraid of the water, this free online course aims to explain the main strokes and skills you can learn so that you can approach swimming with more confidence and a greater understanding of what you can realistically expect to achieve.

Take time to understand new skills through reading our explanations and watching our videos before getting into the pool to practice. If you are afraid to speak up in a class for fear of asking a “silly question” or not understanding something that you think everybody else knows, this course aims to explain the very basics, from what to do when you go to the pool, what to wear or bring to a swim session and what a teacher might expect you to do during a lesson.

If you have a basic swimming ability and can safely swim for recreation or fitness at your local pool, the information within this course may help you identify new strokes and skills you wish to practice yourself, or inspire you to source lessons for new and interesting skills to enhance your enjoyment of swimming.

This online course does not guarantee your safety if you choose to go swimming. It is essential that you assess your own competence and the risks involved with any water-based activity you choose to practice. If you are unsure of any activities described within this course or do not feel competent or safe to swim without assistance, we recommend sourcing a qualified swimming instructor. Some skills may not be appropriate for swimmers with certain medical conditions. Ask a GP for advice if you are unsure.