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Alternative uses for armbands

alternative uses for armbands

Save money and space in your kit bag by repurposing foam disc armbands as versatile training aids.

Disc armbands can be used for stability, confidence and resistance training. Though they are smaller than a regular rectangular float or kickboard and do not provide as much buoyancy support, they can be very useful for training drills.

Holding one disc in each hand is relatively stable, which means you can hold them in this way for confidence when practicing your kicks.

Holding one disc (either holding at the edges, or by gripping through the arm hole) helps you to bring your arms to a tight, streamlined position. This can be done when kicking on your front or on your back.

Placing your thumb through the arm hole and your fingers splayed across the back of the disc, you can use them just like hand paddles. This creates a bigger surface area for your pull, meaning more resistance and your muscles have to work harder. It’s great training to build strength and endurance, plus the paddles amplify the effectiveness of your pull. This means that you are more easily able to feel when your technique is working well and you can made refinements to improve your swimming style.

Holding a disc above you when kicking on your back makes you work harder because the weight of your arms out of the water pushes you down. You can only stay close to the surface if you kick hard! It’s a good training drill for backstroke.

Cuddling a disc across your chest when you kick backstroke can provide confidence when practicing.

Watch our video on different ways to use armbands, to see these activities in action:

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